Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I've Opened My New Etsy Shop

I have finally opened my new Etsy Shop. I've had a vision of what I want my new shop to look like for some time but finding the time to put my vision into action has been a little tricky. I decided that the only way I am going to achieve my vision is to do it slowly and in stages. So I have opened my new shop, but at the moment there are only 4 products in the shop.

Photography takes me ages as I have to wait for nap time and then I have to work out my costings and list the products which takes some time. I will add more products gradually but I thought I would share my first two pairs of earrings today. I have also listed two necklaces that I will share on the blog in the next few days.

The first pair of earrings are matte 16K gold plated scallop chandelier earrings with blue and turquoise glass beads. The second pair are silver plated arrow dangle earrings with multi-colour glass beads in pink, purple, aqua and green. I love the colour of all the glass beads - I have spent a lot of time trying to source the correct materials.

What do you think of the photography and the styling? It's something I've been working on since I started my last etsy shop. It's definitely improved but I think it's a skill I need to develop and evolve.

I wanted the styling to provide a party vibe it's the theme for my new shop. There will be another party element that will be revealed shortly.

What do you think of my packaging? It's quite simple, tissue paper and confetti but I love it.

Anyway I hope that you like the new jewellery. Check out my shop here.


  1. good luck with the new shop. Love the summer colours btw

  2. You've got cool types of earrings here. Scallop chandelier earrings - and gold plated to boot. You are onto something great here. Well, keep this up, and I'm sure that you will branch off into different variants. One way of laying out the gameplan for that is by putting up an Etsy shop, were you can see what products track well and what products you can still build on. Kudos and good day!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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